Wherever you decide to study we will help you!

A decisive choice!

Choosing your study path means first of all understanding who you are and what you want and then evaluating your own qualities and aspirations. It is right to take time to consider all possible horizons. When, where and how? This is where U4You can help.

We offer you our experience and access to a network of people in the field of international training and above all we offer professionalism, energy and enthusiasm!

To help you make an informed decision based on awareness.

U4You is a reliable and reputable point of reference in the field of education counselling. From the early years of High School we can help you choose appropriate courses and the most focussed routes to help you achieve your objectives; we can advise you about choices and guide you in the preparation you might need. When choosing a study programme abroad it isn’t always possible, on your own, to gather all the necessary information for embarking on the programme, or, when the information is available, it is often useful to have help in interpreting it. U4You offers you our experience and access to a network of people in the field of international training and above all we offer professionalism, energy and enthusiasm!

Only your real requirements

U4You is a trusted and reliable partner in guiding students constructively towards the best opportunities offered by study abroad programmes. U4You offers consultancy to students from High School and University, offering a personalised service and helping to identify both personal aptitudes and training or study requirements.
Our concrete and incisive support aids students during the phases of choosing and enrolling on courses, enabling them to design an exciting study plan which meets the potential of each individual student. U4You’s consultancy is offered on a modular basis and, according to the client’s requirements, may include a complete support service throughout the application process or may involve particular services in certain phases of the process.

Don’t limit your reach

Don’t limit your reach: Italy, elsewhere in Europe, North or South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania.  Wherever you decide to go in the world, U4You can help you to make the best decision, guiding your understanding of the education systems and the contexts in which you will study, the admissions criteria and the costs.

Through a strategic analysis of your choices U4You will provide help for all types of project with tailor-made activities and exercises and services according to your requirements and also through our network of partnerships with a wide-range of reputable international organisations.

I would like to thank you very much for having been so supportive and for having helped my successfully prepare and achieve my summer study project which is so useful for my future; thank you!

Giovanni, Summer School UPenn USA

When I was feeling lost during the application process for my Masters I found U4You to be just the reassuring support I needed! Thanks to their help I was able to perfect my applications and to make my profile more competitive for the top European business schools. Thanks to their support I had the privilege of choosing the destination I wanted among the multiple offers I received. I would really recommend U4You’s professionalism to anyone who needs a hand navigating their way through a foreign university application! U4You you’re great!

Virginia, Bocconi University Graduate, Stage Francia

I am the mother of a student who is about to graduate from High School in Italy and I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful initiative you have undertaken. I have been able to experience first-hand what studying abroad means, and what it all entails. About one year ago my son decided to continue his studies in the US and from that moment we embarked on a really complicated period: we had to work our way around endless tasks, certificates, tests – and all to be completed by the universities’ deadlines. After many struggles we were able to complete the difficult process. It was hard work!

Erminia – mother from Rome

Telling other parents about the service you offer has been a natural instinct as I was very satisfied with your work, particularly with the precision and reliability of the services you provided.

Vittoria – Alessandro’s mum, Summer Camp