Una pausa per fare, riflettere e crescere

The conclusion of a study cycle marks a significant point in one’s development and opens the way to the next stage of life.

At this important and decisive moment, U4You is a point of reference for students who, for whatever reason, think about postponing the start of their first university degree or their Master’s degree.

A gap year can be useful for many reasons, such as:

  • Moving out of your comfort zone
  • Immersing yourself in a different culture
  • Developing your ability to adapt to new circumstances
  • Learning a new language well
  • Making new friends
  • Opening your mind and your horizon
  • Reflecting on the future

U4You is at your side in considering the range of activities to undertake during your gap year.

A classic example might be a full immersion language course combined with voluntary work. For those who want to concentrate on improving their foreign language skills and perhaps preparing for a language exam, there is nothing better than to go abroad for an extended period. Anglo-Saxon countries are the most popular countries, but why not take the opportunity to learn another language such as Spanish, French, German or Chinese?

For any language requirement U4You will find the ideal destination in accordance with your hopes and expectations.

As always, in suggesting extended stay programmes, U4You will work in accordance with factors such as the student’s preferences, time constraints and costs. Courses might be suggested in schools or within universities, in big cities or in smaller locations.

And if you want your gap year to represent an experience whereby you make a contribution to an international cooperation project, you can dedicate a period of time to voluntary work. You could choose to work in an orphanage, a school or on a conservation project; you can teach a language, do sporting or manual activities or organise activities for children and young people.

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