De Montfort University, UK

At U4you, with the help of Dafina and Luisa I successfully completed the application process for various English universities. I must say that reaching my objective was not easy, both because of the time constrains and because of the goals we set ourselves. I think that to embark on such a project, working with the U4You team and with their method is exactly what should be done: it was a great example of team work and collaborative thinking, and in my case particularly it felt like a “growing up” process. Right from the start Dafina and Luisa believed in me and they always expected me to do my best – this is what lead me to a successful result. Thank you for everything.


University of Essex, UK

Yesterday I had my first lecture in Human Rights and I loved it. I am extremely enthusiastic and happy to have chosen to study this subject, together with Sociology, which I am also really enjoying. The lecturers and all the staff at the University are always really helpful which is great. These first weeks have felt like a huge change and I feel like there’s so much for me to learn and discover. For the first time in ages I am excited to get up in the morning to go and learn something new! Thank you so much for having helped me and supported me through my course choice and application process!


University of Greenwich, UK

I am finally satisfied and happy about what I am doing; coming to university in London isn’t as impossible as I thought it would be, once you get used to it anything is possible. Greenwich is amazing. It’s a beautiful environment and it’s always busy with film sets and TV film crews – which makes us feel important, and we forget we are here to study. Language is no longer an issue given I now think in English; I have made loads of friends which make the days fly by without me feeling homesick. Thank you very much for all your help.


University of Durham, UK

Life here in Durham has been completely overwhelming in a really good way, and it still keeps me very busy. Right from the first day the environment has been great and I was able to settle in and feel at home from the very beginning. Thank you all very much for all the help you gave me, which allowed me to start what I know will be a magnificent experience.


Alessandro’s mum, Summer Camp

Telling other parents about the service you offer has been a natural instinct as I was very satisfied with your work, particularly with the precision and reliability of the services you provided.


Summer School UPenn e Bsc Tufts

I would like to thank you very much for having been so supportive and for having helped my successfully prepare and achieve my summer study project which is so useful for my future; thank you!


Mother from Rome

I am the mother of a student who is about to graduate from High School in Italy and I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful initiative you have undertaken. I have been able to experience first-hand what studying abroad means, and what it all entails. About one year ago my son decided to continue his studies in the US and from that moment we embarked on a really complicated period: we had to work our way around endless tasks, certificates, tests – and all to be completed by the universities’ deadlines. After many struggles we were able to complete the difficult process. It was hard work!


Brown University, USA

These last few months have been very demanding, under every point of view: new school, new subjects, new rhythm, new people, even a new way of eating and sleeping. It’s difficult to explain it all in an ordered and linear fashion, but the main point is that I am very happy to be here. I don’t think I could have had it any better: Brown is an extremely stimulating environment under every aspect. There are unlimited possibilities if you are able to grasp them. The day before yesterday I finished my first 3 university exams and now I have 2 days to relax before I fly home. The first term has been all I hope for and more: I am really satisfied. I can’t wait to come and see you and tell you all about what I’ve been up to. Thanks again for helping me to get to where I am.


School semester in Australia

Yesterday was the last day of school, and goodbyes are always hard. I laughed and cried, everyone was so nice to me, not only my schoolmates but also the teachers – I was even given gifts-. Also I finally received the year 12 sweater (a personalised jumper which the school gives senior students) with my nickname: FRANtastic!! Fortunately, I haven’t said goodbye to everything just yet – I still have a couple of weeks before leaving Hervey Bay and seeing my family again after 6 long months. I must say I never would have expected to become so attached to this place and this wonderful school and it’s all thanks to you. Thank you for organising this f(r)antastic experience!


Wake Forest University, USA

The best word to describe U4You is probably “family”. Once you start working with U4You you become part of a family who is always ready to help you along the way. The support and the input I received is more than words can describe: by family I don’t mean a lack of professionalism but a focussed and precise support. The application process before starting university is long and complicated so the support U4You offers is invaluable. I never felt alone during may application and without you I would never have reached where I am now.


LSE & CEMS double degree

When I was feeling lost during the application process for my Masters I found U4You to be just the reassuring support I needed!  Thanks to their help I was able to perfect my applications and to make my profile more competitive for the top European business schools.  Thanks to their support I had the privilege of choosing the destination I wanted among the multiple offers I received.  I would really recommend U4You’s professionalism to anyone who needs a hand navigating their way through a foreign university application!  U4You you’re great!

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