An ecosystem of professionals

Our team of dedicated professionals offers the benefits of their experience to U4You clients. With the collaboration of qualified professionals, numerous schools and preparatory centres abroad, U4You is able to meet the requirements of each student, identifying the best solutions and offering all round support.

Jane Pollard
Jane is British and has lived in Milan since 1987. A graduate of Cambridge University, for 20 years Jane was responsible for the British Open University in Italy where her role included academic advice and guidance for students, acting as an intercultural interface between the British and Italian university systems. During this period she studied for her MBA. For a number of years Jane has taught English in universities in Lombardy and offers seminars and workshops on Study Skills, Time Management and Academic Writing. She is a consultant for university preparation courses and has examined for the IPEC exams of the British Chamber of Commerce in Italy.
With U4You Jane collaborates on various fronts: from advice and guidance regarding the choice of UK University programmes to preparation and support in writing an application essay, from seminars and interview preparation to advice and assessment on language skills and requirements.

Dan Tristao
Dan is South African of British and Portuguese origin. After his degree he lived first in the UK and then in Japan. He has been calling Italy home now for some years. He is a CELTA qualified teacher with many years’ experience in training management and was Director of Studies at one of the Wall Street Institute centres in Milan. With U4You he collaborates in English Language preparation – whether for individuals or small groups – for various certificates such as KET, PET, FCE, IELTS and TOEFL.
His teaching method involves rigorous use of only the English language, even at basic level, reducing the use of Italian to a minimum and focussing on the development of potential and areas for improvement.

Mona Bavar
Mona is American. After gaining an MBA in International Management from SDA Bocconi she undertook a series of activities in Italy and the USA. Currently she undertakes linguistic consultancy work and teaches Marketing and International Finance at Turin University.
Mona collaborates with U4You in the preparation of individual students for SAT, in reviewing essays for American university applications and in the organisation of mock university interviews.

Pamela Rimoldi
A mother tongue English translator and interpreter, Pamela graduated from the Scuola d’Interpreti e Traduttori at Milan University and having completed a Masters in 2005 she specialised in the field of Economic and Legal translation. She works as a freelance translator for international banks and financial institutions.
Pamela collaborates with U4You in providing clients with legal and sworn translations and all documentation required for enrolment at a foreign university – such as reports, certificates, diplomas and medical certificates.

Milena Koleva-Zvancharova
U4You is also present in Sofia, Bulgaria, supporting students who wish to apply to study in the United States, the UK and also in Italy. Milena, our contact in Sofia, graduated first in History and Cultural Anthropology and in Turkish and then obtained a Masters in European Studies. Her interests range from culture to instruction and European projects and programmes for young people. Apart from the collaboration with U4You, Milena teaches at Adam Smith College of Management. She has co-ordinated teams of students for NGOs and on European projects looking at cultural diversity and equal opportunities. In her free time, she carries out research in Ethnography and discovers living testimony of Bulgarian traditions. She believes strongly in the value of intercultural exchange.

In partnership with the best players

“The best word to describe U4You is probably “family”. Once you start working with U4You you become part of a family who is always ready to help you along the way. The support and the input I received is more than words can describe: by family I don’t mean a lack of professionalism but a focussed and precise support. The application process before starting university is long and complicated so the support U4You offers is invaluable. I never felt alone during may application and without you I would never have reached where I am now. “

Pietro, Wake Forest University, USA

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