A rich future for young people

U4You represents a reliable point of reference for guidance towards an international education.

U4You, in collaboration with students and their families, outlines an educational project which offers a wealth of opportunities, opening up possibilities in the world of international training and education.

One of our objectives is to share full and complete information about education systems, particularly university systems, around the world, defining their characteristics and the quality of the proposed programmes.

This is because an ever-growing number of students are deciding to study abroad where there is a broad range of courses offered and where selection and admissions procedures are competitive.

Thanks to U4You’s enthusiasm and professionalism and with the support of selected and trusted partners, for a number of years now U4You has contributed to offering young people a future with a wealth of educational possibilities, professional opportunities and life-style choices.

“I would like to thank you very much for having been so supportive and for having helped my successfully prepare and achieve my summer study project which is so useful for my future; thank you!”

Giovanni, Summer School UPenn e Bsc Tufts USA

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