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Dafina Dicheva
Dafina started her professional life in 1992 at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, where she was involved in the establishment and growth of the Department of Anthropology, working on the creation of various educational programmes.

After numerous professional experiences abroad, since 2002 she has lived and worked in Italy where she further developed her experience in the field of education – firstly at the “Centenario” programme at Bocconi University in Milan, and then in the MBA Admissions office at SDA Bocconi, where she was involved in the selection process, following applicants from around the world. Here she acquired solid experience and instruments for evaluating applicant profiles and for the composition of International Classes.

She has always been involved in international university education and in 2009 she decided to concentrate on international educational counselling projects, and together with Luisa Negri she is a founding partner of U4You.

Dafina is particularly interested in the growth and development of young people, which is why she is always careful to pay equal attention both to the final objective and how to achieve that objective, as she firmly believes that both are fundamentally important in reaching an informed and satisfying result.

Luisa Negri
After a career spanning 20 years at Bocconi University in Milan, Luisa decided to share her experience in the field of international university education, founding U4You with Dafina Dicheva.

For many years in Bocconi University Luisa was involved in the recruitment and selection of international candidates for the MBA programme, an activity which allowed her to develop competencies in the use of the main instruments for evaluating applicants and familiarity with the main admissions tests used by universities.
She also gained a wealth of knowledge regarding international education systems and the cultural diversity which accompanies each candidate.

Luisa’s experience has equipped her to know and understand international education rankings. As a member of GMAC (Graduate Management Admissions Council) and CASE (Council for the Advancement and Support of Education), Luisa participates in numerous conferences and international meetings on training and education and regularly takes part in education fairs around the work for the recruitment of potential candidates (for example QS, AMBA London, The MBA Tour, ICEF and others) in Europe and around the world.

The continual involvement with excellent models of education and her enthusiasm and enjoyment in working with young people led her with Dafina to undertake the challenge of U4You to help Italian students to approach international training and education with dedication and with an awareness of their own strengths and capabilities.

“At U4you, with the help of Dafina and Luisa I successfully completed the application process for various English universities. I must say that reaching my objective was not easy, both because of the time constrains and because of the goals we set ourselves. I think that to embark on such a project, working with the U4You team and with their method is exactly what should be done: it was a great example of team work and collaborative thinking, and in my case particularly it felt like a “growing up” process. Right from the start Dafina and Luisa believed in me and they always expected me to do my best – this is what lead me to a successful result. Thank you for everything.”

Riccardo, De Montfort University, UK

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