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U4You is by your side in choosing your preparatory course towards your university study. International Foundation programmes and full-immersion language courses which can be taken after completing the High School Diploma are chosen by U4You in accordance with the individual training requirements.

In many cases these preparatory courses offer students the chance to access university with a richer more complete portfolio of skills.

These provide the opportunity to adapt to a new study method, to improve language competency, to take any extra certificates and specific subjects which might be required for admission to the preferred university course. In this way the student approaches the selection process with better credentials and more clearly identified objectives. A 6–9 month study plan can make a difference both for those who know what they want to study at university and for those who are still undecided about their course choice.

These study routes can include the following disciplines: Architecture, Art and Design, Business and Finance, Law, Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Science and Pharmacy, Medicine, Maths and Statistics, Economics, International Relations, Politics, Social Psychology, Sociology and Computing.

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