You and your future: which course of study?

Whether you intend to study in Italy or abroad, course choice is a very important part of your study plan.

U4You helps students at High School or at University as they consider the various study routes available, by looking in depth at the different opportunities and providing students with the instruments to evaluate and interpret the courses and to formulate their personal list of priorities based on specific criteria and strategic considerations.

U4You guides the student to reflective self-evaluation in order to develop a deeper more concrete self-awareness which is necessary to make decisions in a mature and conscious way. Some students might like to consider following their studies abroad. UK, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, China and many other countries offer possibilities.

How does one choose? Does the student always have all the necessary elements to evaluate and decide when presented with such a wide range of choices?

U4You is the ally to help evaluate the university systems of different countries, enabling students and their families to make an informed choice based on course quality and prospective opportunities.

U4You develops a strategy to identify the universities and courses most coherent with the student’s objectives, and proposes a selection of courses which match the aspirations and capabilities of the student, so they can face their choices with a greater chance of success.

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